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Our staff bring many years of hands-on industry experience to back up their professional qualifications. Their focus is on providing you with a highly professional service and support to achieve a successful project.  With the use of elecronic lodgement and computerised inspectionA Building Consent Authority (BCA) undertakes inspections while the building is being built to ensure compliance with the Building Consent. A BCA decides what inspections need to be carried based on an evaluation of the plans, specifications and other information. tools Manukau Building Consultants are the market leader in the New Zealand building consent A consent for building work, including plumbing and drainage, to begin in accordance with the approved plans and specifications. A Building Consent is issued by a Building Consent Authority (BCA) and is not a Resource Consent which is issued by a Territorial Authority (TA). industry. 


With this in mind, we’re constantly striving to improve - we have Building Consent AuthorityA Building Consent Authority (BCA) carries out the following functions: - issues Building Consents, but not if a Building Consent is required to be subject to a waiver or modification of the Building Code - inspects building work for which it has granted a Building Consent - issues Notices to Fix - issues Code Compliance Certificates (CCC) - issues Compliance Schedules accreditation. All our Technical Officers are members of the Building Officials Institute of New Zealand (BOINZ).

Auckland Council Change 

The launch of the new Auckland Council on 1st November 2010 saw the start of a new era of Local Government.  This involved bringing the services and functions of the seven city and district councils plus the Auckland Regional Council together as a single entity.  As a result there have been a number of organisational and process changes across the region.

Manukau Building Consultants is part of the new Auckland Council's Building Control unit and is no longer operating as an independent Council Controlled Trading organisation.

We continue to provide the same services.

You can check out the Auckland Council website at