Building Consent Calculator

Nearly every building project in New Zealand is unique in terms of build type and complexity, size, value, location and risk factors. It is therefore difficult to accurately estimate the likely regulatory fees before a building consent A consent for building work, including plumbing and drainage, to begin in accordance with the approved plans and specifications. A Building Consent is issued by a Building Consent Authority (BCA) and is not a Resource Consent which is issued by a Territorial Authority (TA). application is lodged with Manukau Building Consultants (MBC).
This guideline aims to give you an indication of likely fees associated with a building consent.
Unless otherwise agreed with Auckland Council, payment of all outstanding fees must be made before you pick up your Building Consent or receive your code compliance certificate.

Please note this guideline does not discuss fees associated with Resource ConsentsA land use consent issued in terms of the Resource Management Act 1991 by a Territorial Authority (TA) for land use not designated a permitted activity in the TA’s District Plan. For example, wishing to locate a building closer to the boundary than that permitted by the District Plan. which may also be a requirement before you start your project. If unsure, please discuss with Auckland Council staff.
The fees charged by MBC (a stand alone Building Consent Authority of Auckland Council) are only part of the fees you will need to pay when obtaining a Building Consent. The MBC fees are made up of a charge for processing the consent application and a deposit for future compliance inspections. These fees are calculated on the hours taken to complete the processing of the building consent including any specialist engineering assessments and an estimate of hours it will take to complete the on-site compliance inspections plus an audit of the work undertaken.

  • House Above 145m2
    Architecturally Designed
    House Below 145m2
    Architecturally Designed
  • $
  • Are your specific designed elements going to be covered by Producer statements?
    Specific design fire or structural elements peer reviewed by MBC applicable where no producer statements have been provided.
  • Will your project require a new water meter?
    Contact Watercare direct for actual and up to date costs. The figure is subject to change without notice but MBC will provide a price guide.
  • Is your project subject to any development contributions?
    Note: The figure is subject to change without notice but MBC will provide a price guide only.
Central Government Levys:
Building Research Levy$-
DBH Levy$-
Auckland Council Fees and Charges:
Document Management$-
Bond, Damage deposit – Refundable$-
Senior Building Processing$-
Building Processing peer Review$-
Code Compliance Fee$-
Vehicle Crossing Permit$-
Accreditation levy$-
Inspection for refunds$-
Manukau Building Consultants Fees and Charges:
MBC Processing Fee$-
MBC Specialist Engineering$-
MBC Inspection Fee$-
Other fee considerations:
Water meter$-
Watercare assessment$-
Development Contributions$-

Fee Explanations

  • Fees charged by Auckland Council to undertake their component of the auditing and issuance of building consent applications and maintain accreditation as a Building Consent Authority. This fee is based on the value of works and is calculated at 0.02% of the value of the works (20c per $1,000 of value of work).
  • An Auckland Council fee to undertake the administration component of your application. This fee is a set fee of $90.00.
  • An Auckland Council fee to "bond" for damage that may occur during construction of your project. Deposits are staggered dependent on the type of construction project you are undertaking and the value of works. Projects value: < $20k = $500. Project value between $20k - $100K = $500. Project value more then $100k = $1,000.
  • An Auckland Council fee charged to review the consent application. Based on an hourly rate and time taken.
  • A levy legislated by statutes payable on all building consent applications with a value of $20,000 or more. The levy is based on project value and set at 0.1% of the value of the works.
  • An Auckland Council fee to carry out audit of and issuance of the Code Compliance Certificate.
  • A levy legislated by statutes payable on all building consent applications with a value of $20,000 or more. The levy is based on project value and set at 0.197% of the value of the works.
  • An Auckland Council charge to assist the funding of city infrastructure such as libraries, swimming pools, etc. This fee is subject to change so use as a rough guide only. Note: In some cases the development contributions may have been paid at the time subdivision occurred.
    Phone Council on 301 0101 to find out if this applies to your project.
  • An Auckland Council fee to cover the costs associated with your building consent file storage. The fee is based on the number of plans and associated documents supplied to support a building consent application. There will be considerable variability with this fee estimate due to the differing scanning price for each size of paper - use as a rough guide only.
  • An Auckland Council charge relating to the audit of the flooding and stability hazards on site. This fee is time based and may fluctuate depending on Council's input. This fee is not charged on all applications.
  • An Auckland Council fee for the administration of the street damage component of your consent application is not refundable.
  • The MBC consent processing fee is made up of the actual time (hours) taken to process your application plus administration fees. The fee may include any specialist inputs for the assessment of specifically engineered aspects of your application where Producer Statements are not supplied as part of the application documentation.
  • Compliance inspection activity generally consists of conducting on-site inspections of building work before it is covered up. It includes travel time and the collation and checking of documentation in support of building work, e.g. installation certificates for waterproofing aspects, as-built plans, energy certificates, etc. The fee also covers the administration in preparation for Code Compliance Certificate [CCC] includes project review, document checks and photo compilation of completed work.
  • Applicable where no Producer Statements have been provided to assist verify design compliance. This is a very arbitrary estimate and not to be relied upon for quoting purposes as figures will vary a great deal based on project variation.
  • An Auckland Council charge for the assessment of project against the District plan and RMA requirements. If a PIM is obtained, the planning fee will be incorporated within this fee.
  • An Auckland Council fee charged to review the consent application. Based on an hourly rate and time taken.
  • Vehicle crossing permit (application processing and inspection).
  • Charges to install a water meter to your property
  • Your application may be required to be assessed by Watercare on a time based fee. If you have proposed a new build construction type we have factored a basic time estimate of $300. This is a very broad estimate and you should contact Watercare for a more accurate fee estimate upon your plans being completed. You may also be required to pay for additional assessments where you are building in close proximity to Watercare infrastructure or require a CCTV inspection.