Building Consent Queries

Building Consent FAQs

1. Do I need a Building Consent? 

New rules and regulations came into force on the 23rd December 2010 expanding the First Schedule of the Building Act 2004, which prescribes building work that does not require a building consent. The intent behind the amendment is to expand the criteria of work that does not require a Building Consent however it is to be noted that all works must comply with the Building Code.

Click here to view the Ministry of Business, Innovation & Employment (MBIE) - Guide to building work that does not require a building consent

2. How do I go about getting a Building Consent? 

When your plans and specifications are complete, bring them to Manukau Building Consultants. If you wish, MBC will arrange a 'lodgement', or preapplication meeting with you to pre-vet your application and make sure it is complete and accurate. We will then lodge the application on your behalf with Auckland Council. This will help ensure that your application process is as easy and seamless as possible. Otherwise, you can deliver your consent application to MBC by hand to our office, by mail or courier, and we will pre-vet the application on your behalf.

All the necessary application forms can be located under "Forms" on the MBC website. It will be helpful if you download and fill in all the necessary  documentation before your lodgement meeting. To make a lodgement booking phone 09 951 6804.

3. Can you help me change the plans if they don't meet the regulation and by-laws? 

Because Manukau Building Consultants carries out the regulatory functions of the Building Act, we can't have any input into the design/s that form the basis of the applications we process. If, during the processing or compliance inspection process of a building consent, our team members find that the design or specifications don't comply with regulations, we'll advise you or your professionals where they don't comply, so that you can put it right.

We'll also work with your professional advisors to help ensure that your project is successful and within the regulations.

4. How can I make it easier to get a Building Consent?

We  strongly recommend that you engage seasoned professionals to help you with your building project.  Experience has shown this makes the building consent process and subsequent construction of your building as seamless and painless as possible.  By using reputable professionals, you'll save time and hard-earned money in the long run.  Manukau Building Consultants has a long-standing relationship with the professionals operating in and around our city to ensure a consistent delivery of quality outcomes to the community.

5. What if I have undertaken work before getting a Building Consent?

As Building Consent cannot be issued retrospectively, the Act provides for a Certificate of Acceptance (COA) to be applied in situations where:

  • Work has been done as a matter of urgency
  • Work that needed a building consent as been undertaken without one
  • Where building work started or consented before 31 March 2005 affects public premises

The Certificate of Acceptance is a statement from Council stating that it believes the building work that can be inspected complies with the NZ Building Code.

6. How long will it take to get my Building Consent approved?

The timeframe varies a lot from consent to consent and also relies on all the relevant information being supplied.  There are two parts to the process, and our aim is to complete our part within 10 workings days.  From here the consent is passed on to Council and we are currently receiving consents back from them in about 5 working days.

7.  How do I lodge my Building Consent application?

We can book a 15 minute free consultation with one of our Technical Officers if you would like to talk to someone prior to lodging your application.  When you are ready to lodge your application, phone our office on 09 951 6804, to book a lodgement meeting.  Depending on the complexity of the consent you should allow up to an hour.  Extra time may be needed where Manukau Water is involved.

8. Is a deposit required?  When do I pay?

No deposit is required.  The first payment is required before or at the time you collect your consent once it has been approved by Council.  We will phone to advise you once your consent has been approved and is ready for collection from our offices.  We require full payment before the consent is released.  Payment can be made by cheque [made out to Auckland Council] or by eftpos [payments made by credit card incur a 2% surcharge].

9. If I send you the money can you send me the documents?

If you would like your consent couriered please include a prepaid courier bag [approximately A3 size] with your payment.

10. Is there anyway I can speed the process up?

In general no, as it is unfair on those customers ahead of you.  However if you advise our Technical Officer at your pre-lodgement meeting that there is some urgency on the consent and why, we will endeavour to monitor it through the system to ensure it goes through as quickly as possible.

11. What do I do now I have my Building Consent?

Tell your Builder you have your consent and they can commence building.  There is a list in the Building Consent package that specifies when the Builder needs to contact us for inspections.